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Passenger Lift Ken-Jo Elevator
We can provide Passenger Lifts to suit about any application.

Our Flexible approach to design and manufacture helps ensure Passenger Lifts can fit and work.

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Stair Lift Ken-Jo Home Elevator
Ken-Jo Home Elevator
Manufactured in Taiwan, we can provide personalized products catering to the needs of our customers. Its ultra silent and low vibrating operating characteristic provides a smooth ride with the aid of VVVF controlling system.

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Handicapped Lift Savaria Concord ES-125
Designed to improve the access of persons in wheelchairs, this platform lift can be installed in churches, schools, museums... at a more affordable price than a traditional elevator and it also needs less construction.


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Handicapped Lift Savaria Concord PAL-S, PAL-EN
The specially designed lift to provide a safe and reliable means of vertical access for person with physical disabilities. The handicapped has been designed to install indoor and outdoors and will look new for years due to its stainless steel construction and electrically applied baked-on polyester gloss powder coated paint.

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Our Services

Ken-Jo is capable of providing maintenance services to various types of lift systems including commercial lifts, residential lifts, handicapped lifts, service lifts, goods lifts and dumbwaiters.

Essential preventive maintenance helps maintain valuable assets and facilities at the optimum operating conditions through systematic procedures.

Our maintenance packages include diagnostics, measurements, adjustments and parts replacement for the objectives of keeping and extending the life spans of the equipments being entrusted into our care.


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